Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The happy Icarus Dance!

"Put your wings like this..., Put your wings like that..., shake your tushie in the air..., yea go ahead and stare..."
It is official! Last night at 11:30pm I wove in the ends on Icarus. This loverly bit of knitting is for my Mom for Christmas. I started it in the truck, on the way to Kentucky for my Cousin's wedding, on June 16. I would have been finished on July 9th, except for the yarn problem. (You can read the earlier post if you must)

This is the unblocked yarn pile

Now to the blocking
Ok. So the last one is upside down. Sue me. You can see the relative size of this beauty! FYI - that is a 6ft x 3ft table.
Pretty. And so soft in KP Alpaca Cloud. My Mom will love it!
She will Love her socks too. I finished those last week, and completely forgot to post about them! I haven't blocked them yet, but I will when I get back from VACATION! Who whoo! I am going to the shore for a week, and plan on knitting like a fool, sunning, reading, sleeping, and eating. I cannot wait!!


Bonnie said...

Even upside down, it's gorgeous!

Marla said...

It's beautiful! I'm glad you got the extra yarn you needed.

Abigale said...

Very beautiful! Your mom will definitely love it - can't wait to see the socks, and I'm turning green with envy at the thought of anyone at the beach for a week - must be nice!

Have fun, enjoy it!


Annarella said...

Wow, this is stunning, in fact it's more than that! You're so talented!!


Jeni said...

Your Icarus is beautiful, I am thinking of making one for my Grandmother soon!!

Leanne said...

Your Icarus is lovely. Been thinking of making that as well - perhaps I'll make one for my Mom for Christmas too. Or for myself!