Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ah 5 day weekend

There is no bliss like that of having 5 days in a row off for the price of 1.5 personal days. Especially when it doesn't rain the whole time - and you get to go to the beach and knit. This is what I did for 5 days. I went to picinics - (3 of them), movies (2 of them), the mall ( 2 of them), watched WonderWoman (whom I love to death!) and Justice League on DVD, and went to the beach. I knitted at home, at the movies, at Satrbucks, at Panera Bread, and at the beach. Why so knitterly committed? well, I am TRYING to wrap up my Icarus Shawl to get the needles back so I can work double ended on my Mystery Stole. I was knitting like a crazy person - even after all the Corona at Frankie's BBQ. I admit I was a tad concerned about that when I woke up on Sunday, and had to rush to the living room to check on the damage. no damage! I can even knit this pattern with a little buzz on! On to the pics!

What is that you see? It looks like the pattern changed? It HAS!!!! I am finally through the chart 1 nonsense and onto Chart 2. What I like about this pattern: the last three charts are only done once! Lots of percieved accomplishment! I am 2 rows from the end of Chart 2. I would be finished with Chart 2 if I had been knitting more last night, and eating less Cheese-its (The white Cheddar are awsome!) and Ice cream. No not together. They were seperate snacks, but neither condusive to knitting.

Since I have been furiously knitting on my Icarus, I have not made much progress on my Mom's Child's First Socks. I am on the toe of sock1. Yes 1. Normally, I should be on the toe of sock2, considering how long these have been on the needles. I just haven't been travelling for work much - as it is summer, and home knitting is all Icarus devoted.
Check out the wicked bend on my addi 0's. These are my first socks on these needles! Also, take a look at the tarnish near my thumb - no it is not a shadow! The tips are in shadow, but the ends are tarnished. Man I can eat through finish! It is a completely useless superpower.
I do have to wrap up this toe and cast on for the second sock though. I need to have easy knitting for SnB this week. I hate to stop in the middle of rows, and Icarus is getting too long in rows to complete more than two during SnB. Then I have all this time at the end with nothing to do. I hate casting on at SNB though - I cannot seem to count properly, and get all twisted up. It is much easier to have a project ready to pick up and knit.

I just don't think Icarus is going to be finished by Friday when clue #1 comes out for the Mystery Stole - unless I somehow turn it into "work". I am a costumer, but I don't think I can pass it off to my bosses...although, my direct boss has the week off... We'll see.

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