Monday, July 10, 2006

SON OF A BI$%!*@)#@

I cannot be held responsible for my swearing. I have had a really rough weekend. No, nothing tragic in my life, just plain ole' pain in the A$$ knitting badness. First a picture...
"This looks like Icarus", you say. "Why is it still OTN?" Well, BECAUSE I F^#*&(!ING AN OUT OF YARN! This never, NEVER happens to me. I really do knit smack on with published patterns - if not a little tight. I always have leftover yarn. Never in a million billion years did I think I would run out of yarn! 8 stinking rows left! %&*(^!!
It did not help that DH was faux sympathetic. I shouldn't say that - he does understand, but it took him a while to "get" why I was so pissy. I suppose I should tell the whole story...

I had a day off on Friday, making for a nice 3 day weekend. My plan was to hit a sale at a LYS, see Pirates of the Caribbean, go to the Library to print my Mystery Stole Pattern, go to the beach and FINISH ICARUS! Why finish, because I wanted to start my Mystery Stole. I like to do KAL's when others are knitting- not after they are done. No fun there. Anyway, back to the story... I get up on Friday, go to the LYS. Pick up Yarn for my Vintage Knit Along Gloves - 2 skeins (I cannot decide which color I like best) and a skein on Sock yarn.

The glove yarn is Artyarns Ultramerino in a deep teal and a deep fushia colorway, and the sock yarn is Cherry Tree Hill, in Nantucket colorway. Nice. after the yarn store my DH and I sat in a coffeeshop and I finished my first sock for my Mom's pair of Child's First Socks. (smile) forward movement = good. SO we head to a Geek store for DH. He goes in. I tell him to take his time. I'll sit and knit outside. Knit Knit Knit. hmm. It seems like I am not going to have enough yarn... well, laceweight it deceiving. It's fine.

Off we go to Pirates of the Caribbean - awesome, BTW - go see it. The show we wanted to go to was sold out, so we got tickets to the next one. An hour to kill? Knit Knit Knit. Mention to DH that I have yardage concerns. "I'm sure you have enough". Let's go to see the movie.

-Insert minor irritation here. - When one goes to a popular movie on the day it opens, you get there really early. I went in to grab seats, while DH did the snack line. I had 45min (!) to sit before the movie started. Of corse I didn't bring Icarus - to big for the movies, but i did bring my socks. 45min in a good amount of time. I can cast on and get quite a few rows finished before it starts. But for some reason the theatre didn't have the lights on in the house! You could barely see to find a seat, let alone CO. If I would have known I would have CO in the parking lot. I can knit in the dark, but CO without twisting is hard. grumble grumble. The movie made up for my missed knitting time - mostly.

Next I head home. I rip out the CO from the movies and re - CO. Knit a few rounds of ribbing so I am ready to pick up my Take-along project whenever the whim strikes. Back to Icarus. Knit knit knit. hmm. I am really getting concerned about my yarn...

Saturday. DH has planned the day. We will go Downtown. I can print off my Mystery Stole Pattern at the Library, we can get lunch, see the Shakespeare exhibit at the museum, then head to the beach. ok sounds good. Shakespeare exhibit - way cool. Lunch - very yummy. Library - WTF! Closed! On a Saturday!! I hate this library. They change their hours randomly. Evidently, for the month of July they are only open from 9-5, M-F. I didn't go on Friday, because they are usually closed on Friday. ERRRRRR. It's ok. I probably wouldn't be able to start the MS2 until Monday anyway. SO off to the beach. Knit, knit knit knit. flip. knit knit knit. "seriously. I'm running out of yarn" "just keep knitting. I'm sure it's fine."

At about 10pm I ran out of yarn. (insert many expletives) This is the conversation that followed.

DH "Can we go get some tomorrow?"
me "no."
"Is the store closed"
"No. I got it on-line"
"Nobody has it here?"
"NO. It is an online only company. I can't buy it anywhere."
"Can you just get more?"
"Probably, but the dyelots won't match"
"Does that matter?"
evil sideways look
grumble grumble grumble
dh "do you need to finish it for some reason?"
me "YES. It is for my Mom. And she knows I am making it."
"Are you giving it to her on Saturday?"
" It's for Christmas."
"Christmas!? You have plenty of Time."
"I'm going to bed"

SO Sunday comes. I get up. sit down on the couch, and remember - I am out of yarn. Shit. DH asks what I want to do today. grumble - finish Icarus, dumb$$ grumble. I tell him I don't care. He suggests going to the coffeeshop. I can knit as long as I want. "KNIT WHAT? I AM OUT OF YARN! MY MYSTERY STOLE PATTERN IS NOT HERE!" "well, you can knit something else..." "I don't want to knit something else! I want to finish my stupid shawl for my MOM!" After my tantrum, I calmed down. We went to lunch, then to the coffeeshop. I worked on the aforementioned socks. One whole shawl / stole knitting day wasted. I did get the whole leg done on the second sock, and half of my yarn balled for the Mystery Stole, so it's ok. I guess.

Finally, Here is a picture of my still balled Mystery Stole Yarn. sigh.


rincaro said...

I was on track to run out as well. I actually know of a few bloggers who have. I had 874 yards of Misti Alpaca, but I knew I wasn't gonna make it. I ended up taking out the fifth repeat.

The crazy thing is the pattern says she only used 90g (or about 785 yards) of her yarn. So annoying.

Abigale said...

Whadda PITA! I feel for you! At least you didn't do the completely doofus manouver of friggin unaligning two of your yo columns (yep 2) 32 rows back and notice it when you were ready to start the lacey pattern like I did! My Icarus is still on time out.

Where did you order the yarn from? Hopefully they have fast shipping! Maybe there is still some from the old dye lot - unless of course it was handdyed... Knitting disasters are no fun - I know the pain!

But the new yarn is awfully pretty, and still qualifies as purple (in a magenta-ey kind of way). And I bet the new socks are going to be wonderful!


Batty said...

So glad you vented to knitters, we understand. Ran out of yarn? Wow, the fact that you didn't hurl the shawl across the room or do something evil to it shows you have incredible restraint.

I hate it when the amount of yarn specified is just on the verge of being enough. That way, if you run out, you have to buy a whole other skein/cone/whatever. So annoying. When you order more, ask if they can match the dye lot, though. Sometimes, they can. Don't be afraid to ask around. I've had some unexpected luck in the past, and I'm wishing you the same.

Gorgeous glove and mystery stole yarn, by the way. Just gorgeous.

costumechick said...

thanks guys. Knitty people make me feel soo much better.

Jen said...

That really sucks. Don't you thin whoever wrote the pattern should buy you the additional yarn? The yarn for the mystery stole is beautiful though and I bet it will turn out great! I still don't have the yarn for mine yet.

The Purloined Letter said...

Sometimes the online places can match the dyelot--but even if they can't, a slight difference in color could look quite deliberate and lovely at the edging like that. Think DESIGN FEATURE....