Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The moment has passed

It's ok. I'm cool. If you can belive it, after my post from yesterday!

Last night I started my Mystery Stole. I false started twice, but I suppose 3rd time's a charm! The first time I cast on too many, the second time too few. WTF? I was thinking? I was counting 99 when I purled my foundation row. k2, p95, k2. Why then on the first "real" row am I 4 short?!

oh. the designer put the two edge stiches on the chart. *smack forehead* Let us learn to read the chart FIRST, knit second. Anyhow. It's all correct now, and I'm up to row 30 on side 1.

Lovely little wad.
I gave it a kinda stretch below.

the stats:
I am using Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca SIlk in eggplant, with size 3 Susan Bates needles. The first clue is 50 rows long, with a provisional cast on. I used the one from Knittinghelp.com. It is the one I use for all of my toe up socks, so i didn't have to research much. It works by casting on and knitting through the end of the clue 1 chart, then undoing the cast on and kntting through the end of clue 1 again. I had planned on using two sets of needles so i don't have to use stitch holders, but my needles are still in Icarus. I think my plan has altered to the following:
1. knit Mystery Stole side 1 to row 50.
2. If the LOVELY KarenP, who graciously is trading me for some more of the Alpaca Cloud yarn I ran out of -in the same dyelot (!!), sends me the yarn by the end of side one, I will put down MS2 and resume Icarus until it is finished.
3. Should I not receive the Alpaca Cloud, I will use a holder for this clue only. I will knit side two, then finish Icarus. Only picking up off of the stitch holder once won't be that bad. I, again, will be behind the KAL, but, so far, the MS2 is a really quick knit. It is amazing how fast 99 stitches goes when you have been knitting like - zillions at the end of a triangular shawl!

Finally, some yarn prOn.
This is 5 skeins of Mix blend alpaca mohair from an e-bay seller. It is three strands of yarn together, and is nice light worsted weight. DO I have a project in mind? Of course not. But it is cool!

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Costumechicks SP7 said...

You have been posting some of the most incredibly beautiful yarn the last few days.

alpaca silk? :::swoon:: and that purple yarn .. delicious!

I hope I can find some more delicious yarn to add to that collection :)