Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in review.

Well my peeps, another year is coming to a close. It has been a hectic year in some ways, and a relaxing year in others. Gotta love the roller coaster ride of life!

I took a look back at my entry from last New Year's Eve, and I was very disappointed in myself. This is what I wrote:
I want 2008 to be the "year of peace". Of course I want world peace - don't be silly - but I really want to strive to be at peace with myself. We care all critical of ourselves in some way, I just want to try to minimize the criticism I lay on myself. I get enough of that crap from other people at work. To that end, I will try to go to the gym regularly, and therefore feel like I am making progress on my physical outlook. I will take better care of my kidneys. I really want to start evaluating why I choose to do things. I want to choose events to attend, projects to design, and even what to eat for dinner based on what I want, not on what I'm expected to do. My 2008 goal is to be happy in my skin and thankful for having the skin to be in.
Part of being at peace will be to keep learning and experiencing, like always. When I "pull up the learnin' stool" this year I want to come away with at least one Intarsia project, finish poor DH's Sweater of Doom, enter a lace piece in a fair, and learn to use the weight machines at the gym. I still want to go to Vermont. I want to continue to develop existing friendships and maybe create some new ones. Maybe this year I'll cross to the dark side and try spinning on a wheel!

ok. I did good at the first paragraph. I really feel like I've made progress in all of those areas. I haven't been perfect, but nobody is perfect. The second paragraph, however, I didn't do so well at. I went to Vermont, made some new friends, made tighter bonds with existing friends, I learned to use the weight machines at the gym, and um.... that's it. No Lace project entry. No Intarsia. The sweater is still in the bag, unfinished. No spinning wheel spinning either. Sigh.
On that note, why bother makng resolutions? I suppose it's to at least partially motivate us to do well and be better people. SO once again, I will make a list. Once again, I will try to accomplish the things on my list. Maybe this time I will succeed...
In 2009 I want to:
* Do a freaking Intarsia project
* Keep participating in Socktopia
* Go to another place I've never been
* Deal with the falling apart furniture in my apartment
* Design a lace something for me

This is not a big list. I just be able to do it!


accountantgrrl said...

I'm glad I get to call you "friend".


emileeknits said...

Sounds good. Happy new year!

knelleyknits said...

Happy New Year, darlin', whatever you choose to do - and whatever you get done! Just be happy. said...

I'm gonna echo what my "twin" said:

I am also glad to get to call you "friend".

May 2009 be a healthy, peaceful, safe and happy year for you! :)

Batty said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best... and good luck with that intarsia! It scares me.