Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Winding down the Gift knitting

Well, dear readers, it is about that time of year again. It's that time when all good knitters start weaving in the ends of their gift knitting, dreaming of projects intended just for them, and trying to guess what size sweater to make while calculating in the expected extra holiday poundage. (eh-hem) The bad knitters (I personally don't know any one like this) start saying things like, "I could knit one more scarf for Aunt Betty," and "I can easily knit a sweater between now and December 24 for my size 54 chest Grandfather!" There is nothing like having a deadline and next to no time to knit to drive a knitter to drink, which only slows down the knitting more. It is a vicious cycle.
I never succumb to this type of pressure.
I'll wait for you to stop laughing.
This year I am doing really well. I am half way through my last pair of mittens and have one more bib that only has to be completed before January - PLENTY of time. So I of course decided to make one more itsy-bitsy gift.... socks. Cabled socks. I am insane. I realize it. No need to point it out, thank you.
I did finish the last bib I was working on, like 2 weeks ago, but whatever.

Name: Giraffe Bib and cloth
Pattern: Baby Bib O' Love
Yarn: Sugar and Cream cotton ombre Summer Splash
Notes: um... it's a bib. It was awesome tech knitting though! Not much to say, really.

The last pair of mittens is underway:

And the aforementioned last minute gift that may, or may not be completed in time. I am going to try not to stress about it. I'm not very good at not stressing, so this could be interesting, to say the least..

Some year I will be a good knitter. Some year....

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