Monday, December 01, 2008

Christ on a Cracker!

I actually finished something! It has been way way way too long since I did a real post, and I haven't had any time at all to knit, so I am lucky I finished anything! But, I did!! WOO!!
Saturday afternoon I kitchnered the last toe on my Dad's Christmas socks!

Name: Classic Dads
Pattern: Classic Socks from the Knitting Man(ual)
Yarn: Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband, 2 skeins
Needles: KnitPicks Options, classic circs, size 2
Notes: It took me 2 months to complete these socks. Not because the stitch pattern was hard, or because I got busy, or even because I got distracted by another project. I simply did not enjoy knitting these socks. I like the finished product, but, DAMN, I hated the knitting part. The stitch pattern is four rows long, so every pattern repeat feels like it doesn't get you anywhere, and it is the kind of pattern that you have to pay attention to - at least a little - since you have a semi-fancy maneuver to accomplish every other round. Therefore, not good movie knitting, and not good "in the dark" knitting.
I also forgot to photocopy the pattern out of the book, so I didn't have heel instructions when I got there on my first sock. I opted for my standard short row heel instead. I also opted to not do the stitch pattern on the foot. I would love to say it was because my dad wants smooth socks in his shoes, or something like that, but really, it was because I am lazy, and I could knit the foot at the movies if I did it in SS. Pure laziness decision.

The second sock started out promising. A few SnB nights and I would have the leg finished. Then I got stuck in heel land. I didn't want to start the heel until I knew I'd have enough time to finish it, and that time didn't present itself for a week or two. Finally, I made my heel, and in only a few short days I finished the second sock!

Whew. I tell you, it was quite the slog to finish these up. The very exciting grey yarn might have something to do with the boredom that became these socks, but I mostly blame myself. I know that socks with short pattern repeats are boring to me. I know that socks I have to "look at" while I'm knitting them bother me - unless they have big complicated repeats. Why I picked these socks to begin with is beyond me. But, I can say, my Dad will love them! I do wonder if he'll appreciate the Yarn Harlot conection though?

This was my first time using Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband, and I found it enjoyable. It seems as though it will be pretty rugged, and it comes with heel and toe reinforcement yarn. I did use all but about 10 yards of each ball, so if you have a bigger than men's size 9 foot, you might want three skeins for a pair of socks.

So, another Holiday gift finally comes off the needles, after ONLY two months. (eye roll) I only have two pair of mittens left to go! I almost can't decided what to knit next!


Anonymous said...

Mad skilz. You've got a lucky dad.

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Batty said...

Great socks! So comfy-looking.