Monday, December 29, 2008

2 Days late...

...with my last Christmas Gift. I almost made it. Oh well, better late than never I suppose!

Name: Colbert Socks
Pattern: Stephen Colbert Socks: The First Amendment as Expressed by Socks
Yarn: Fibranatura Yummy
Needles: KnitPicks classic Circs size 2
Notes: I knit these crazy socks for Evad. They were supposed to be for Christmas, but, I missed it. It's just how things go sometimes, I guess.

The pattern is really more of a "recipe" in which you cast on, work in 2x2 ribbing, and cable at will. You cable as much or as little as you want. Then you work a heel (or not. your choice), do the foot, then do a toe. I forgot the pattern when I got to my first heel so I made one up. Hey, these are my First Amendment socks!!

I am proud of myself that I managed to complete sock two with a relatively similar amount of cables to sock one, and didn't resort to just ribbing the whole damn thing. I think I am over the cable needle for a while.

When I saw this pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines, I knew I HAD to knit it for Evad. He is majorly into politics, and loves the Colbert Report. The red yarn is a little subtle compared to the pumpkin orange ones I knit him last, but still vibrant enough for him, I think.

Now that I have knit two "man sized" socks in a row, I am eagerly awaiting my next pair of me sized socks. And the panic of "am I going to have enough to finish the second toe?" is soooo much less when knitting a pair of small women's socks. I squeaked in with this pair. I might have 10 yards left. That is plenty, but it is still a bit disconcerting when you are knitting away on the toe and wondering with every row wether you are going to make it.

I just realized how well travelled these socks are already! They have been to FL,CT, NY, PA, MA, and NJ. Huh. Pretty good for one pair of socks!

Up next, a Christmas update!


Sonia said...

That is such a fun idea for a sock! they turned out great.

knelleyknits said...

Late, but worth the wait. So cool!