Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WIp Thursday...wait. that's a sucky title

How about a project update?

I didn't get quite as much done on the Camisa sweater, as I had hoped, this past weekend. I did get the back finished, and am now picking up stitches for the front upper portion. Soon... soon... Anyhow, I like the back, and it all measures out in a good way, so I have no qualms about fit at this point. This is good. This point in the sweater proces is usually where I start worrying that it'll be too big, or too small, or that I'll run out of yarn. I am worried about running out of yarn. I always do. Everytime.

I have picked up the Mystic Waters Shawl again (Thanks Jenn). I tinked (and tinked), and reknit the row that was all jacked up. I went three pattern rows rows back, and moved 8 pattern rows forward, for a gain of five pattern rows. I want to wear this shawl to the Gala, so I have to get crackin'. I only have a chart and a half to go. Also, I didn't want to finish the Camisa before Thursday, or I would have nothing SnB suitable to work on. I plan my knitting life around SnB, evidently.

The purse is still in it's same condition. Someday I will finish it. Someday..


jennsquared said...

That looks more like Mystic Water than SSS to me. I decided I don't like the pattern for SSS and therefore I am not going to make it at all. Mystic Water on the other hand will probably be made at some point.

KnelleyBelley said...

Check my blog. You've been tagged, darlin'.