Monday, May 05, 2008

A little busy, and a little tipsy

Carousel just keeps going around and around, as carousel's are want to do. Tech for this show seems never ending. Le sigh. Anyway. I did manage to find a few minutes to finish sock #1 of the new ones.

So far, I like them a lot.
I also like margaritas a lot. After we worked like crazy people today, we left work early, and went Cinco de Mayo - ing. It might make tech tomorrow less pain inducing. Or it might make it worse, due to hangover. we'll just have to see!


Erin said...

Pretty! Enjoy your margaritas and happy Cinco de Mayo-ing!

WifeMomKnitter said...

Love the color of those there socks. I had a couple of margaritas last night too, but I only stopped at two. :-(

KnelleyBelley said...

Gorgeous! They'd go nicely with a margarita.

This comment brought to you by the word woeogush.

Anonymous said...

I just love margaritas, I hope you enjoyed youself!! That sock is the nicest color! I am a bit partial to the cooler colors, and purple, blue/green is just to die for in my book! You are a "Knitter Extraordinaire" Not just for these socks, but, in general also!!!

Batty said...

So pretty! I love that sock!

Heh... Cinco de Mayo is over, but you don't have to stop having Margaritas just because of that!