Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finished Object and a Meme!

First off, I finished some socks!

Name: Birthday Socks
Yarn: Louet Sales Gems Pearl
Needles: KP circulars in Size 0 and 1
Pattern: My Own toe up
They are my second submission for Socktopia in May, this time under the theme "May Flowers". I call them my Birthday socks, and this is why: My Birthday is in May, and using the day, year, month, and my age, I came up with all of the numbers in my pattern! I cast on the year I was born. The lace pattern is repeated 5 times - as May is the 5th month. There are as many rows of ribbing as I am old. And it goes on. I chose the lace pattern - Lily of the Valley, because it is my favorite flower AND the May flower. Fun!

Notes: I like this yarn. This was my first time using it, and I'd do it again. (Good thing since I have another socks worth at home in Lavender.) It isn't my favorite sock yarn I've ever knit with, but it is definitely not the worst! Nice middle of the road - and in Solid colors!!
A close up of the lace:

The modeled shot:

I've also made progress on my Tomato sweater.

I've been slowed done quite a bit on the sweater production. We are getting ready to move. Just across town, but you still have to pack and clean and crap. I've been trying to reward myself for packing with a "pack some knit some" type system. It doesn't work too well.
I am also patiently waiting for June to start my Sockapalooza socks. Only two more days!
I suppose since I will be moving in June, and I will mostly be working on my Sockapalooza socks when I have time, I will have a boring blog. I think it might be the time for me to work on the housekeeping around here. I'll work on how to make progress bars, and make lists of FO's and wish knits. I can dream, can't I?

Ok. on to the Meme.
Pheobe tagged me for this one. I am to tell 7 little known facts about myself, and tag 7 more people. (The last bit is the hard part.)
1. I have two implanted things on my body. No they are not my breasts! They are my teeth beside my front teeth. They were growing in upside down, and as a kid the dentist removed them. I had the implants put in in High School.
2. I know how to drive a frontend loader, Dump truck, and back hoe.
3. I listen to music that most people hate. Country and Heavy Metal. My favorite band of all time is Metallica, and I listen to more Toby Keith than I probably should.
4. I am part of the 1993 Pennsylvania State Square Dance Champion team. I secretly still love to square dance and Line dance.
5. I watch professional wrestling on Friday nights. It's just like watching a soap opera, only with Heavy metal music, pyro effects, and additional punching. Hey! It's a Connecticut industry! I'm supporting my local economy!
6. I love goat cheese and fresh mozzarella. Add tomatoes to it, and I will order it. You are guaranteed that I will choose an item on a menu because of tomato's and either of those two cheeses. Literally. I scan the menu for any of those three words and am almost certainly going to order the entree with at least one of them in it. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I ate something for lunch or dinner without a tomato in it.
7. If I suddenly became wealthy, I'd still be a costumer, since I love it, but I'd live in St. Thomas. Ok. That's no secret, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone wants to give me a bundle of money to live out my dream.

Well folks, that's it!
I'm tagging the following people:


Debi said...

Valerie, you are a brave woman to knit even more nupps :)

The socks look great!! Very pretty! BTW, Louet Pearl is the base yarn for Koigu, Claudia's Handpaint, Cherry Tree Hill and Fleece Artist and probably more too so ya I guess it's a "pretty nice yarn" :)

Thank you for tagging me for this meme but I already did it back in March! Maybe I should re-post it cause I've been tagged so many times in the last few weeks!
Seems this meme has made a few cycles....when I posted mine in March I was kinda one of the last ones (I thought) and now it's all over Knitbloglandia again! I love reading them all tho!

Emma said...

Pretty sock! Hee, thanks for the tag, sorry I've already done it!

lv2knit said...

Will you share your sock pattern?? I love the Lily of the Valley stitch, too.

Zonda said...

Beautiful socks!!

Your Tomato looks good so far!! I hope to start one soo.

Good luck with your moving.

buttercup said...

I love the socks! They're beautiful, but the symbolism built in is really cool!

Very pretty Tomato. I have to post about my Tomato fiasco this weekend.

anphoe said...

Love the socks!! And the Tomato sweather is looking goooooood!! Btw, I forgot to thank you for the opinions of choosing a swift. Thanks :D