Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Sockapalloza pal already figured out who I am!

I sure to suck at being a secret! Maybe someday I will be better at it.
I guess now I will have to be all clandestine with my posts. Only showing little glimpses of the socks in process. sneaky sneaky
I am almost done with my first pair of May Socktopia socks. I will finish them up today. I will also finish up my FPS today!!! I only have 21 rows and a bind off to get through yet!! Tomorrow will be blocking pictures from both projects!!
I finished up the knitting on my staff gifts as well. As of this evening I will be officially "project-less"!! This never happens to me! Thankfully, I have a very big stash. crisis avoided.
I think my next project is some birthday socks for me. My Birthday is on the 16th, and I want some Lilly of the Valley socks. It is my birth month flower, and also my favorite flower. I'm not sure how nupps in the round will work, but, I'm gonna give it a shot. If I finish them in May, they will also count as a second pair of Socktopia socks!
I don't know what my next big project will be. I kinda want to do a sweater - slightly impractical as we are headed into summer. Maybe some more lace?? There are so many projects I want to knit. I'm a bit overwhelmed.

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