Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Help me decide

My next goal is to finish my Rhinebeck sweater.  I only have the neckband and button bands to go!  I do need help deciding what to work on after that though.  I am torn between starting  the third shawl in the Seven songs series - Stravinsky
or starting a tablecloth for my Mom.

The Shawl pros:
  1. Portable!  I need another portable project
  2. makes me caught up to the release of the pattens.  I love feeling "on schedule"
  3. uses wool.  easy on the hands, and I have the perfect colorway
The shawl cons:
  1. requires a chart, so it is not EMINENTLY portable, like a sock
  2. feeds into my weird need to always be "caught up" or "even".  Do I need to reinforce this weirdness in myself?
  3. I have no intended use for this yet.  It will most likely be a gift, but I don't need to get it done right now
The tablecloth pros:
  1. My mom specifically asked for one, so I know she will like it.  It won't be wasted effort.
  2. there is a sense of accomplishment in finishing a tablecloth.  It is a knitting bucket list item for me.
  3. it will be small for a while, filling the portable project gap for a little, then can become a stay home project after the sweater is complete.
Tablecloth cons:
  1. cotton yarn is tiresome to work with.  But, this is true of starting this project at any time.
  2. i haven't really picked a pattern yet.  The one i really WANT to do is in German.  That seems like quite the undertaking.  I have back up patterns, but am on the fence.
  3. when it is finished I'll need to build a frame to starch and block it.  again, I'll have to do this whenever I make the cloth, I just feel like i should figure it out before I start, you know?
so.... opinions?


Jen said...

Hmmm...that's a tough decision. I vote the shawl.

Kathleen C. said...

I think I'm going to recommend the tablecloth. Mostly because it does have an intended recipient where the shawl doesn't. And at some point in the not too distant future when it's beyond portable size you can start the shawl for the portable project and work on the tablecloth at home. Win win!