Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

...and don't bother coming back another day, either.  Damn you.  You can come back at night, so we don't have a drought, but leave my last days of summer the hell alone.
Eh hem. 
Days like these are perfect for knitting.  A nice cup of tea, a cozy sweater on your lap, and a kitty nearby.  Ahh.  Too bad I'm suck at stupid work.  My sweater has no love for me either.  The bastard is mocking me from the car!
"You know you want to get me.  You can just drape me over your lap to keep warm.  Maybe a row or two while you wait for Quicken to update.  You are SO cold Costumechick!"
My sweater is mean. 
The shawl I'm working on is just as mean, but slightly less enticing.  It is much smaller than my Rhinebeck sweater, and therefore has less overall snuggle factor.  Still, it would be way more fun than working on loading crap into Quicken....

Seriously more fun.

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