Tuesday, August 23, 2011


WTH Virginia?!  Keep your shakey shakes to yourself!  New Haven got a good roll this afternoon from the Richmond 5.8 earthquake.  I've experienced quite a few types of natural disasters before, but this was my first apparent earthquake.  Crazy!  I tell you!
At first I thought I was getting sick. 
Then I thought the building was being buffeted by high winds, or the train station building project was doing some intense pile driving. 
After that, I looked out the window and saw the world moving opposite the direction I was. 
Then I heard the creaking of all the windows behind me. 
Finaly, I ran out of the building.  The entire staff was standing there looking at each other and saying "What the fuck just happened?"
Turns out it was an earthquake.
Sadly, though, Evad missed it. 


Kathleen C. said...

Here in the Shenandoah Valley about an hour and a half away from the epicenter, I was sitting at the sewing machine at work when the low noise began and thought "Wow, the air handling system is starting up really loud." Then I thought "No. Must be a huge truck going by on the bridge outside". Then I thought "Nooooo... that's going on too long and loud for that and besides... I'm rumbling too..."
I have to admit I was kind of excited... I lived in California for 6 years and never felt even one!

Jen said...

I felt some rumbling and thought it was the dogs scratching themselves vigorously while leaning against my bed (I was foldong laundry at the time).

cafe-eclectic.net said...

I didn't feel it either! But again, I felt enough earthquake in my lifetime to want to experience another one. Taiwan was prone to earthquake since it is the island made of two plates moving against each other, just like Japan.

anphoe said...

I was in New Haven yesterday when it happened, and I felt it. I thought I was dizzy, but then someone else around me felt some movement too. I thought it was caused by the construction outside the building, so I wasn't really surprised until I found out it was en earthquake.