Thursday, September 08, 2011

Deli-cious Pastel Marshmallows

Did you ever try those pastel colored, mini marshmallows?  They were quite the "thing" in the 80's.  I remeber scores of rice krispy squares at bake sales made with those little fruity marshmallows.  I think that some parents thought they were making some sort of "fancy" bake sale item when they brought those.  It was also unreasonably popular to make "ambrosia" dessert using them.  What the hell is ambrosia, you ask?
Its cool whip, marshmallows, assorted canned fruits, coconut, and sometimes nuts, all mixed up into a festive, overly sweet goo.  It is very popular at church pot lucks and family picnics.  It is a major part of my summer-family-picnic-going childhood.  So when I cast on for my latest shawl in the 7 songs series, named "Delius", in a hand dyed yarn that included various shades of pastel colors, in the August heat... I had Ambrosia flashbacks.
I named it Deli-cious Pastel Marshmallow, because I am full of pun.  But the varigation is so subtle in the yarn that it looks like you melted those little multi-colored marshmallows together, without stirring. 
For what it is worth, I love this shawl.  It is a quick knit - even though it took me a couple weeks, I was only working on it sporatically.  The cast on is a haul to get through, fyi, but worth it in the end.  Like Gary, you have to pay attention to the charts because you have stuff to do on both sides - mainly switching back and forth from garter to stockingette.  It is nice to have a little challenge, since overall, the lace pattern is very simple. 
I can say that the designer, Corrina Ferguson, is really quite good at explaining her patterns so they are easy to use.  What could be super complicated charts and directions, are easy to follow and very user friendly.  I highly recommend them!

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