Monday, September 19, 2011

I decided to...knit both

A little while ago I posed the question to you guys about which thing to knit. The shawl or the tablecloth?  I chose to start with the shawl because it seemed easier to take along on the trip I was taking home to PA.  Before I even got a chance to tell y'all, I went and finished it!
This one starts by knitting the bottom edging first, side to side.  Than you pick up along the edge and knit to the center top.  After the edging and the picking up of the body stitches, it flew by!  WooSH!!!
Of course, I cast off the shawl and locked it, and, literally, I turned around and got an email from the pattern designer that the next pattern in the series was ready to be knit.  sigh.  So much for feeling "caught up".  I decided to move on to the tablecloth though. 
Just so you know, the final rows are 1200 stitches long.  This might take a while...

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