Friday, September 05, 2008

Yarny things, Booze and Awesome Hair

LSG, a group on Ravelry, recently decided to work up a swap. LSG stands for "Lazy, Stupid, and Godless", so, well, you can only imagine the types of things that might show up in the mail for you when participating in a swap from this group of twatweasels. I mailed out my package yesterday, and lo and behold what showed up for me!

Aww yeah. LSG yarny things!! two skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet, a sekin of Debbie BLiss Baby Cashmerino (which I have never tried, and has been on my list for a long time), a kit to make a little beaded purse, awsome rainbow house magnets, Sister Mary Manhattan Post-Its, a lucious smelling bar of soap, black licorice wheels, fake eyelashes, a notepad, a watermellon lolly piop, and a black zipper bag for all my little junk I always leave behind when I grab my knitting to go! The last thing is these cool.. needles?

I think they are straight needles. They could be hat pins. I went to hat pins first, but then I thought, "why would someone get me hat pins? Who would know I collect vintage hats?" But, they are really pretty!

Later that night, I hung with the bitches at SnB, but then we went for Drinks for Jannsquared Bachlorette Party!

Booze. mmmm booze.

And just to top it all off, I got my hair cut yesterday.

Cute, no?
and look at it today.

Aww yeah. Multi style-able rock star hair. \m/ >.< \m/


acambras said...

Ooh! The hair is even COOLER on day 2!

jennsquared said...

damn. That's some hair! I love it!

You guys are so funny. I'll have to post a picture of all the goodies I got from you!

Batty said...

Fabulous hair! I want a do that gives me awesome rockstar bedhead, not the kind I get. You're so lucky.

KnelleyBelley said...

Bunch of good swap loot, bunch of good booze, and a bunch of great hair! Love it.

anphoe said...

I so rocking love your hair!

saintgothric said...

Needles or hat pins, who cares?
Those are WICKED-COOL!