Monday, September 29, 2008

Back from yet another trip.

I spent yet another weekend away from home, not blogging, or remembering to take pictures. Ah well. I wouldn't be Costumechick if I wasn't doing something to make my life hectic, and then not taking pictures of it to prove how insane I actually am.
This weekend, I travelled a little closer to home. I went to Middletown, PA, to visit the family, and attend a reunion for WMSS, 91.1 FM. I had a great time, and even if I didn't, I would have made my own fun, so the point would be moot anyway. We drove in on Friday night so we had all day Saturday to visit and junk. It was an unremarkable drive - the best kind. Saturday was packed full, in the typical Costumechick way. I'll list it off for you...
1. Get up at 7am. (On a damn Saturday.)
2. Go to Kuppy's for Breakfast. Scrapple and Baked Oatmeal. Yum.
3. GO to Saturdays' Market to buy boots. $35 for a pair of Engineer boots!
4. Drive to Shippensburg University. (receive history lesson on the way.)
5. Drive around campus trying to get a hold of Mr. Ship.
6. Dad states that he wants to go "tail boarding." Much laughing ensues.
7. Mr. Ship meets us at his dorm.
8. Costumechick gives Mr. Ship a haircut. He complains the whole time.
9. Mom dad Costumechick and DH attend the S.U. football watch the band.

10.Football is finally over. The band was good. SU won. I think.
11.Drive back to M-town. Fall asleep in truck. (see #1)
12.Iron clothing for reunion. (blech)
13.Change for reunion.
14.Decide at last minute to go get food before reunion.
15.Eat flaming hot chicken fingers that were evidently cooked with Nuclear fission.
16.Reunion. (You'd think I would have taken a picture of this.)
17.Change clothes again.
18.Go bowling with brother #1. (& drinking. they go together like peas and carrots)
19.Destroy DH and Brother #1 at bowling. (I rock.)
20.Watch tv and knit for 15 minutes before I fall asleep.
I told you it was a packed full day. Sunday was a lot less eventful. DH and I stopped at the grocery store and bought a selection of PA treats for me and him. Mostly me. I came home with Whoopie Pies in Peanut butter and vanilla, Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, pickled red beet eggs, Amish Farmer Cheese, Beef Jerky, and Beef sticks. Judge me not until you have walked in my PA dutch shoes! Finally, we stopped a t favorite restaurant, Esther's, on the way home - before reaching Berk's County and their driving rainstorm. That was not fun. I am not a fan of rain at all, and the kind that makes you unable to see sucks even more. But, we made it back, treats intact, to the wild and wonderful world of CT! Tomorrow, a post about the hat I finished!!


Anonymous said...

Any trip that lets you come home with Whoopie pies is a really good one.

Anonymous said...

What is Scrapple exactly??

I know that I've seen it on the Food Network.

Whoopie pies are sooo good!

Glad you had fun last weekend.

Nautical Knitter said...

Psst, you've been tagged...I just tagged you over on my Nautical Knitter blog. Enjoy