Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This weather blows

Literally. Sideways rain really sucks. Bring on warm clear sunny days, please! Also, it would make photographing knitting projects easier too.
So sorry, everybody. I know I have been a bad blogger. It has been over a week since my last entry. I have nothing to blame except work, crappy non photo friendly weather, and sheer lack of desire to blog - only want to knit. Seriously. I get home, and if I don't go right to bed, I just want to knit. I have no interest in blogging. Then I feel guilty, and think, "I'll get up a few minutes early and snap some pics before I head to work." It is inevitably raining the next day. Sigh.

But, I did get some pictures today. Rain be damned!

First up, I finished my current socks in progress.

Name: Sailors Take Warning
Pattern: based on Tidal Wave Socks by Debi Lake
Needles: KP classic circs, size 0 and size 1
Yarn: TOFUtsies
Notes: I used the stitch pattern from Ms. Lake's pattern, but that was about it. I just did my own toe up thang. Overall, I am quite pleased with them. I am wearing them today, and they are super comfy. I love the softness and drape of the fabric after it is washed too. Before washing, the yarn is a bit stiff to work with - like cotton. I must also point out that I was knitting a pair of socks called "Sailors Take Warning", based on a pattern called "Tidal Wave Socks", during technical rehearsals for a show called 'Shipwrecked!". Funny!

I also cast on a hat for DH during tech.

It is called "Short Row Hat". It is made with, you guessed it short rows. As I was knitting it in the dark, I began to think this pattern might be a tad bit challenging for pitch blackness. But, I was doing well, much to my surprise. Well, that didn't last long. On Monday I fell asleep whilst knitting. Yeah I know, don't try and knit while napping. Anyway, I woke up and couldn't figure out for the life of me where I was in the dang pattern. Just when I thought I had it, I made a bigger mess. This is not the kind of pattern you can just go back a few rows and fix it. SO, I frogged. Then I did it again. I am now up tot he point I was when disaster happened. I am going to try not to make the same mistake again.


acambras said...

Ooh, those socks look nice, especially on a day like today!

KnelleyBelley said...

Knitting in the dark? Impressive. Knitting while napping? You need to practice that one.

WifeMomKnitter said...

Your socks came out really cool. I can't wait to use the TOFUtsies I got on Black Friday now!

Deenz said...

OH - I was going to ask if you were doing tech on Shipwrecked! I saw it on the 14th and LOVED it. I've been recommending it to all my friends, seriously - it was such a fun play to watch...BRAVO!