Sunday, February 03, 2008

Adventures in Yarnsitting

What an adventurous weekend I had! Frankly, it feels like more than two days have gone by - more like three or four. Sheesh! I wish I could say it was relaxing, and it felt like three days because I am so rested. That would be nice. However, so not the case.

First of all, Friday, while peaceful, was a tad stressful. Two of my employees are going on to new and interesting things next week. One off to manage her own shop,. the other back to school to finish her degree. In case you are tallying, that makes four people doing the job of 7. To say we are understaffed isn't really correct. But, I digress. On Friday we went out to a farewell luncheon of Mexican food. Quite yummy. As per our usual after Mexican habit, we then went to an antique shop. (don't judge our habits) Anyway, I found these for a steal!

Neat, if I do say so myself. Then Friday night, even though I have a shawl that is nearly knit, and a pair of mittens only half done, I cast on for yet another project. Yes. It's a pair of socks.

I'm calling them "Sailors Take Warning" as they are loosely based on the Tidal Wave Socks from STWC's pattern support for TOFUtsies. The TOFUtsties I pulled from the stash is the yarn I got from Tara in a care package when I was home for a week in December. Knitting with yarn that I know was bought for me to make me feel better somehow makes them all the more special.

Saturday was wonderful. I slept in. (Way to late) Then I went to lunch, then sitting and knitting, then to see the closing performance of "Caucasian Chalk Circle". The show went really well, and the students were so enthusiastic, and talented. It was a joy to work on. frankly, this show is really hard - even for seasoned professionals, so seeing high school kids not only do it, but do it well, was awesome! I hope I get asked back again.
Sunday was spent waking up early - not easy on a Sunday - and attending the Yarn Garden Super Bowl Sale, with about 3/4 of the New Haven SnB. At least, that's how it felt! I only picked up a few things.

I got 5 skeins of Baby Ull for a pair of colorwork knee highs;

and two skeins of French Hill French Twist. I've never used it before, therefore, couldn't pass by it. I'm weak that way. oh, and you can't beat 42% off! Then JennSquared and I went to Country Yarns in Wallingford. She had never been, and we were going right past, so we stopped. Somehow two skeins of Noro jumped in my car. I have no idea how. Maybe Jen saw...

Was my day over? No way! I still had to Strike CCC! Off to LWT with a car load of costumes to put them away. DH and I decided we needed a treat after such an event, so we went to see Juno. Is is AWESOME. Really. If you see one award nominated movie before the academy awards, see Juno. I cried, and crying is my litmus test for liking a movie. oh, and it wasn't sad crying, it was sweet crying. :)

oh, and my Jury Duty was cancelled! Sweet!


WifeMomKnitter said...

Lovely yarn. Wish I could have been there, but I spent a nice day with the DH.

The socks are looking really nice.

My youngest sis said Juno was really good. I'll have to see it.

BTW - thank you for your comment on my latest post. I was really touched and I'll be looking for the flare at the end of the tunnel. I somehow have a feeling I'll need something to run toward.

jennsquared said...

Dude, I swear those yarn just showed up in the car! I don't know... hmm...

KnelleyBelley said...

More nice socks.

Wish I had the energy to get myself to the Yarn Garden sale. Looks like you got some good stuff.

Thanks for the Juno review. I need to go with some girls to see it. Not a date movie - at least not for the guy I'm dating.

Hope I have the same luck with my jury duty! Yuck.

anphoe said...

Nice socks! Pretty yarn! And I have missed the Country Yarn? Darn it!