Friday, February 01, 2008

Table Merkin's: Fun for the Whole Family

I'm starting a trend. Merkins for your table. Also known a doilys, these coverings keep your tables protected and warm, as well as hide nasty scars - such as coffee rings. I think the concept will take off like wild fire.

BTW, for a good time, google images "merkin". It is quite an adventure.

But not a work.


jennsquared said...

Yeah... Definitely not at work. Good thing you post this after work on a Friday night!

acambras said...

Hey! Didn't I come up with the "table merkin" idea last night?

I invented tables, ya know.


JennM said...

Pretty soon the Table Merkin pattern will be the #1 pattern on Ravelry. And we can owe the sucess to you and acambras!

Doesn't everyone want a table merkin? I know I do!

KnelleyBelley said...

Took your suggesstion and did the google thing. Now my computer is acting all silly and embarrassed.

Karen said...

"Table merkin" is even better than my name for a neti pot: "nose bidet."