Tuesday, February 26, 2008

one warm, if oddly disproportionate, leg

I've known for a long time that I have small feet. People having been telling me so for many years. I had one of those grandma's that came along to the shoe store and poked and pinched at your feet in new shoes to "check that they fit properly". "You need room to grow, but they can't be too big." Back then, most stores still had people that did that for you, yet Grandma still had to feel around the outside of the shoes. Somewhere around 8th grade, my feet became "small" in comparison with... something.
My height? No, can't be. I'm the same height as I was then, and 5'2", with size 6.5 shoes are not disproportionate.

My age? Once you reach 14, your feet should be at least size 7!

My bust size? Actually, that might be likely. I should have size 12 feet if we use that as a measure.

In recent years - like the last 5, I've noticed that "small" shoes - under size 7, are hard to find in "grown up"styles. Everything is for "tweens". Or they are ragingly expensive. Trust me, I have no trouble finding expensive shoes in my size. I theorize that this is so for two reasons.

1. As we generationally age, our bodies are getting larger. Average shoe size for women in the 1950's was 6 - 7. It is now 8-9. The older people with the "small" feet don't want inexpensive shoes. They want "well made" shoes. they are not the fashion whores that we young people are. Therefore shoe people are making less "adult" shoes in "small" sizes because there is less demand.

2. The shoe people hate me.

This is why I buy a pair of shoes I like when I see them for a decent, non heart attack inducing price. I never know when I will find another pair of black 3" heels again in my size. This might be the last year they make them! I'll be forced to buy patent leather flat with ribbon bows on the front for the rest of my life!! or, even worse, Old lady shoes!!!

Why all this blather about my feet? Well, dear readers, it's because I finished my 1st color work knee high. Take a look at this!

Is it just me, or do I have incredibly small feet?! Look at that! Now, if I had nice, average, size 8.5 feet, my sock would be another 1.5" long, and way less odd. Now, before ya'll get defensive about the sock, I realize it is a knee high, and knee highs should be "out of proportion" when compared to regular socks. But, shit! I do have small feet!

I used to get comments in Costume Design Class because I made my feet too small compared to the bodies. I think I have a legitimate excuse. Look at what I am used to!

On the plus side, the toe is really cute!


jennsquared said...

I'm totally with you! I have size 6 feet! And IT IS hard to find shoes our size!

Nice sock! Can't wait to see them in person!

WifeMomKnitter said...

I sympathize with you but unfortunately, I'm in the general population when it comes to shoe size (depending on the shoe, I could go from a size 8.5 to a size 10).

I kinda wish I had tiny feet like you.

My word verification is: lurofmas.

Look at that, Costumechick, they made a special holiday just for your tiny feet!!!!!

ZantiMissKnit said...

I have the same shoe size and I'm an inch taller than you are. I do think they should be a little bigger; my mom is a 7 and my older sisters are both size 8.5-9.5. I think I inherited small feet from my 4'10" grandma.

The good news is that I always have lots of yarn left over for future repairs when I knit myself a pair of socks!