Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from Christmas!

Hello! It's been a while, and boy was it an exciting while! Christmas is always an...interesting experience. This year was not disappointing in that way.

Our Holiday Adventure started with a 4 hour drive. Thankfully we didn't end up on an inhabited island with a coconut radio. Honestly, the drive was uneventful. I suppose because we didn't leave the Haven until 8pm, we hit no traffic at all. Sweet.

Saturday was my middle brother's Graduation party. He is now in the work force, doing his electrician thing. I couldn't be prouder of him. What an accomplishment. DH and I were in charge of setting up the party for him. No problem. Grocery Shopping the Saturday before Christmas? Fine. Visit relatives that we always have to visit. Cool. walk the dog. Wait... what?! I don't do dogs. DH had to do that part. I just don't do it. The party went off with out a hitch, and we had a great time.

Sundays tend to be a rough start in my family. Mom and Dad go to church every week, but in at least 20 years, they haven't been on time more than a handful of instances. The new pastor sucks, IMHO. Anyway, that's another post entirely. We spent alot of the day on Sunday hanging out round the house, visiting with more people, and generally relaxing. It was a quiet as things ever are in my family. Then Aunt Judy called. she was flying to Colorado to see my Cousin Matt. He flight was cancelled due to wind in Chicago. So Aunt Judy came and spent the night. It was good to see her, even if it was totally unplanned.

Christmas Eve was a bustle of activity, including running to the grocery store. again. Mom and I made 11 pies, boxed up 10 boxes of cookies, and pre-prepared as much of Christmas dinner as we could - all before going to Grandma R's house for a get together. I love Grandma R. She is definitely my favorite grandma, but her party is a dreadful experience every year. My Mom's Brother and Sisters, and families, are weird. All of them. The whole room is uncomfortable, and oddly creepy. They all just stare at each other. I'm pretty sure none of them like any of the others. If you wrote a movie about them, no one would believe it. The critics would say the characters were unbelievable, and that no one is really like that. Also, don't get me wrong, I am not ungrateful, but Grandma really has to stop buying me presents. A card and a hug is all I need. I know she tries to get me things I like, but a light up, musical, floral arrangement in a hurricane lamp is not my style. At least it is a funny thing to talk about in the car on the way to Christmas eve service.

After another round of Churchin' up, we go home and set the table for Christmas day, get out all the platters and silver, prep as much food as possible, then at about 2am we open our gifts. We started this about 5 years ago. it's awesome. we open gifts until about 3:30, then put the turkey in, go to bed, sleep in, then get up and finish dinner. Much better than getting up at the butt crack of dawn to open presents, all while wondering if the relatives are going to show up obscenely early and ruin everything.

Speaking of presents! I got knitting stuff!

That is Misti Alpaca lace yarn baby! Dh rocks!

And this is Valley Yarns Franklin in Twighlight, and Fiesta Ballet sock yarn! He rocks again!

And books! Still rockin'!

ANd Needles! Completely rockin'!
Wait there's more... he also got me a WEBS gift certificate, and the Knitting pattern a Day calender!

My Mom got me this... Cute! a CAPaccino! I have no idea why it is sideways.
I got a lot more presents - music, dvds, chocolate, electronics... it was an overwhelming holiday for me.
Then we had a great dinner. I would have liked to stay longer, but we had to drive back for work. It was sad to leave so early, but at least we got to visit some. And we had another Christmas miracle - no traffic at all of the way home!

Bless us, every one!


KnelleyBelley said...

You got some great gifts! Your people are good to you. Well, there was that light up, musical, floral arrangement in a hurricane lamp. Not sayin' a word 'bout that.

I am assuming, with fingers, toes and eyes crossed, that your mom's family doesn't know about the existence of your blog. That would be a bit uncomfortable next Christmas. Actually, probably no more uncomfortable than it already is!

Happy you had a merry!

JennM said...

I know how you feel. "M"'s mom's side of the family acted that way too. When she passed away, we were no longer invited to any of the events on her side of the family. Thank God. I was getting sick and tired of watching them all put each other down.

anphoe said...

I showed my DH your CAPaccino, he was like, oh, very cute! and then I agreed with him.

Hope everything goes well. And see you soon.