Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beach knitting

I know it is not quite beach weather yet. One day, that almost makes it to 80f, does not equate beach going to normal people. I, on the other hand am not normal. So, I went to the beach. Let me back up.
On Saturday, I bit the bullet and decided to go and purchase a skein of yarn to finish my Hannah blanket. Turns out, Carol's store was having a sale. The yarn I needed was just about the only thing not on sale. I bought it anyway - and only it. (I'm saving myself for the CT Sheep and Wool next weekend.) The DH and I traveled to New London so he could get his geek on. Saturday was glorious out. We drove with the windows open, and with the air on when we had to roll them up. Soooo nice. On the way home, we decided we needed to go to the beach.
I keep my shovel in the car all winter. You never know when you'll need it. In the summer I keep the beach chairs in the car. Likewise, you never know when you night happen upon the beach. I might be the only person with this opion of beach chairs, but, as I said earlier, I'm not normal. Saturday was the official "switching of the trunk". Now, I'm not a total loon, I knew it would be a tad more "brisk" by the water. We wore long pants and flip flops.
It was nice to see we weren't the only people insane enough to go to the beach in April in Connecticut. Plenty of others were out in the sand. DH read, I knit away on the baby blanket. We sat until we started to freeze from the wind. If we would have worn sweaters, we could have toughed out a bit longer. As it was, we only lasted about an hour. You know it's cold when DH is too cold to continue. (I was using him as a windshield, so I could have lasted longer if I tried.) But, I can say we went, even if it was for a brief time.
After thawing out, I finished up the Hannah blanket. Pictures tomorrow, after I block it. It is really quite cute. I hope Mom likes it!
I also worked on this:

These are my version of the infamous Endpaper Mitts by Euny Jang. I think the colors look like Andies Candies. Every time I work on them I feel like eating chocolate mints. I might need to go to the store....


KnelleyBelley said...

Beach knitting in April! You are a true beach lover.

Glad you were able to get your yarn. Looking forward to the blanket.

Going to eat some mints now.

jennsquared said...

I can't wait to see the blankie! The weather was so nice I wore a skirt with pink frosting out on Saturday!!!