Wednesday, April 25, 2007

May Socktopia themes

It cannot possibly be time for April to end yet!!?? Come on! It just started! I guess we are winding down, and that means it is time for the May Socktopia Themes!
They are:
Yikes ! Stripes !
May Flowers
Ahoy, Mateys
Springtime in Paris

OMG! My mind is bubbling already! So many ideas!! Thankfully May is a slower month at work. We tech our last show of the season on the 4th, and open ON MY BIRTHDAY, the 16th. Then I am out of town for a few days, then.. we.. have ... the ...gala. Wait. This was supposed to be a SLOWER month. Oh well. At least my evenings will be slower. (famous last words)

I decided that I am going to the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival this Saturday. Do I need more yarn? Hell no! But, I don't care. I'm going anyway. DH is coming along, so I shouldn't be TOO bad. Well, he is an enabler....

No new pics, again, but it is understandable, as I have had no time to actually knit. I've thought a lot about it. Does that count?

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm not an enabler! I just like to see you happy, and if bundles of brightly dyed, former farm animal hair make you happy so be it.