Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a good weekend

I had a really good weekend. I spent Saturday in NYC with my Mom. We went shopping, dining, and saw the 'Lace and Subversive Knitting" exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design. Very Very cool.
My Mom is an enabler extreme. It's a good thing that she lives 4 hours away. If we lived closer than that I would never have any money! I bought three (yes, THREE) pairs of shoes at Century 21. One pair is a Marc Jacobs wedge - very sexy. I am going to wear these for my birthday! I am wearing pair #2 today - New York Transit flip flop wedges with one giant triangular glass bead on each foot. The third pair is another black sandal, but these at Bandelinos, and are ultra comfy. I also bought a purse. It's a brown Coach tote. It's a sweet purse.
We ate brunch at a little cafe near Lincoln Center. we didn't see a show, but we did go to the gift shop. I amazed my Mom by flipping though a souvenir book of the opera from last season, and naming the designers by the renderings and designs. I realized, after a while, that I kinda sounded weird. It was all, "I know her. She's nice. Oh he's weird. Oh Linda designed our first show this season." I wasn't trying to sound pretentious. It just came out that way. She kept quizzing me though - much the same way that DH does in a yarn store. "What's this made out of?" I'm usually right, FYI.
We ended our day at the museum. I was a little concerned that Mom wasn't going to care for the exhibit. She's not much of a museum kinda girl - but she is a knitter! She loved it. (whew) We chatted with a lovely woman from Brooklyn about knitting at the basement installation. She said that it was a good thing that we didn't go there first. We wold have never made it to Century 21!
Our day ended with dinner at Lindy's. (drool cheesecake) Overall, very fun, and a good time.
Needless to say, I got very little knitting done on Saturday day. I was all set to go home a knit at night.
well, my friend Nate was in town and called up to go to the bar. I went, and did no knitting. That's OK, I thought. I'll knit all day on Sunday.
ha. Nate called to go to brunch.
After brunch I will knit all afternoon!
"Come shopping with me", said Nate.
OK - outlet malls are fun. "I will knit all night" I thought.
"Bye Nate!" It's only 6pm. I can knit all evening!
Wait! I have to go to Borders - must buy More Sensational Knitting Socks.
It's only 7pm - plenty of time to knit.
Shoot! I have to go to the grocery Store! Tomorrow night is the shop party*!
Home by 8:15.
Make strawberry pie. Get Cheese dip ready.
Finally get to knit.
Knit for 2 hours.
Fall asleep on couch.

All told, I got half of A sock knitted this weekend.

*The Shop Party is the big end of the season party thrown by the Scene Shop. Every year it has a theme. This year was Las Vegas. There were stripper poles. That's all I am going to say about that.

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