Thursday, May 27, 2010

February... May... same thing.

Continuing on with my posts about things I finished forever ago... I present the Pretty Periwinkle!

Pattern: Ethereal Fichu by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
Yarn: Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk in color 20/ periwinkle
Needles: #5 glass needles from
Notes: I enjoyed knitting this shawl. I really did. You wouldn't think so because it looks like the same pattern for miles and miles, but it actually has 5 different charts and different construction that the other two ways I've made triangle shawls. This one is knit point up, but starting with just a few stitches like center down shawls. The other point up shawl I've made cast on the entire long edge, and got smaller as you went. This style was interesting because it started small, but the last row wasn't nearly as long as the last row on a usual top down shawl. Also, the lack of a center "increase line" means it has less of an "arrow pointed at my ass" quality- a quality I appreciate.

This project also hammered home my love of knit on edgings. Every time I do one I remember how much I love it. They are just so pretty! Plus, they don't feel like you are binding off - just more knitting, then you get to the end, and POOF! Bind off a few stitches! Cowboy Bob's your uncle!

As always, much love to the Valley Yarns Peeps at WEBS. I love this yarn. It is a little rough to work with right off the cone, but it softens and halos so well after washing. The combination of the alpaca and silk is not only pretty, but so smooth and slidy on my glass needles. Knitting with nice stuff makes the knitting that much more fun, IMHO.

The pattern was really well written, easy to follow, and thorough. No complaints from me. I also give it bonus points for the inclusion of a pattern adaptation that allows you to make the shawl wider with out making it longer. Us short and broad people approve! Overall - a great project.

Now... if I can only manage to block the one I'm almost finished with LESS than three months after I finish it.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo pretty!

I feel fortunate that I got to see it in person.

I've wanted to try the cone lace yarn...maybe now I will.

Becca said...

Cowboy Bob's your uncle. Haven't heard that expression before. I'm sure he will enjoy learning just how famous he is becoming!