Monday, May 24, 2010

How you know it's been a long time

Wow. 6 months since I last posted. Funny, though, I didn't realize I hadn't blogged for so long because of the "last post " date, it was due to the build up of yarn and FOs that needed to be blogged about/ entered into Ravelry.
Yeah... that is a shawl, two sweaters, and a pair of socks. I also finished a sweater that I already gave away and a pair of socks - also gifted. That isn't exactly high output for 6 months, but pretty good considering that I also designed 4 shows in there, as well as worked my regular job. At least I found time to actually knit!
You might notice that the black sweater isn't assembled. That is because it needs to be blocked first. Blocking just wasn't going to happen these last few months, so it got put in the yarn wall. The same thing happened with the other projects - Yarn wall limbo. I decided it was time to clean out limbo when I returned from my birthday weekend with Evad, with a few stash acquisitions. I realized how cluttered and in need of a proper "restack" it was.
My rav friends will notice a sudden spike in stash activity. I didn't really buy all that this weekend - I just entered a bunch of stuff i hadn't bothered about before. I must say, there is something cathartic about cleaning out project bags. I can't tell you how many times I thought "Oh, that's where that is!" The bad thing about reorganizing is the sudden realization that you really want to knit about a thousand things that you have yarn for. All at once. Right now.
Instead, I am trying to block the pile I have already knit, weave in ends, finish button bands, etc. I also have a shawl that is 23 rows from being completed that I will not give up on now! I am trying to finish it by 6/15 before Thursday night SnB starts our Shawl KAL. It can be done, but 400 sts a row gets tiring. ( I was doing good until I realized that I had 10,000 stitches left at 25 rows to go. Knocked me off my "I'm almost done" horse!)
Well... that is about it for now. I want to try to blog more, but with my work computer being a biotch, I'm not sure that I am going to get to it as much as I want to . We'll see!!

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Welcome back to the blogosphere!