Thursday, November 06, 2008

some thoughts

I'm coming out of my Christmas show infused craze of a life to post a few comments about where I've been, what I'm doing, and my thoughts about the last few days.

Where have I been?
Working, bitches. Christmas show is hugely hugely big. I have a metric shit ton of stuff to do, o I am not getting to blog. I think of stuff to say everyday, feel guilty for not posting everyday, yet still don't manage to actually do it. The return of semi-regular posting is coming, I promise.

What am I doing?
Aside for the Christmas show from Hell? Um.. Still working on the socks form my Dad. They are really dull. I did finish the first one, finally. I am on the last clue of the Pangea Shawl. It's pretty. I should post pics. (roll eyes)
I am also working on a shawl for the Christmas show that will not Die. It's big. It's black, it's lace. Pics would be nice of that too....
Yeah. That's it. work, knit lace, sleep. It has been, and will be my life until after Thanksgiving.

What are my thoughts on the last few days?
I had a day to process, so I can skip the "WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO" portion of my post and go directly to the meat of my thoughts.
I am happy, super proud, and elated at this countries decision to elect Obama. I know lots of people didn't agree on the choice, or else he would have 100% of the vote, but then we wouldn't have had a real election. Choice is a very important thing.
Speaking of choice... I don't live in Colorado. I visited it once. It was nice. But, I am proud that they managed to see why "defining when life begins" could be a problem, and a step towards thwarting a woman's choices about her body. I am firmly in the "keep the government out of my uterus camp."
While we are keeping the government out shit..... what the hell California? What the hell, rest of the states that voted on Marriage definitions? Seriously. My heart is aching for all my gay and lesbian friends. I'm glad that CT didn't vote to have a "Constitutional convention", but I am heart broken about the other decisions across the country. Prop H8te won't be decided for at least another week, as all the provisional ballots have not been counted, but still... why is this even close?
It seems a bit extreme, but what if next the religious nut jobs decided that non-christians can't marry? Evad and I are, respectively, Atheist and Agnostic. We don't believe in "the bible". (don't get me started in how you can't believe in a book, but believe instead in the mythology in the book. I'll go on for days, and I have work shit to do.) How big of a leap is it really for the fundies to say, "Marriage should be defined as a union between one christian man and one christian woman."?
I'll leave it at that.


WifeMomKnitter said...

I've always believe that everyone should have the right to marry whoever (or whatever) they want to.

This comment is brought to you by the word "Garata", which sounds like a weapon to me.

Kathleen C. said...

It's not any different than when many states decided that black and white couldn't marry.
When does the hate (Proposition H8te... that's a good one) stop?

Hey, good luck on the Christmas Show from Hell. We're lucky here... nothing like that... although we did just open the Restoration Play from Heck. Not as bad but still a bitch.

knelleyknits said...