Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Nothing interesting to show you.

I am at the stage in project-land where I have nothing to show for hours and hours of work. I've been slamming through some seaming, and some plain boring knitting, as well as the 7 repeats of the body of the Shawl for Frank's Mom. None which make good pictures, frankly.
I am excited to start the edging of the shawl tonight! It means more interesting pictures for you, and new and exciting knitting for me. I counted last night, and I need 408 beads for the edging. I might need to go shopping for more. I'm going to be really, REALLY close.
I did do one interesting thing today. I made this:

It is a special surprise for Evad. I have no idea if it will be good, since I've never made it before. I'm just trusting Betty that she knows how to make lemon squares.

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