Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tap... tap... is this thing on?

Ladies and gentlemen, I interrupt your regularly scheduled radio silence, to bring yu a brief update.
Since I last posted on the blog - ten years ago - I have been a busy gal.
*Mr. Ship came to visit.
*I went to see WWE Raw at Mohegan Sun

*I teched and opened a play called "Death Dances the Tarantella"
*I had an oral implant removed
*I started and finished one knitting project, knit half of another, and have almost finished my Equinox shawl.
Unfortunately, I expect that my quiet blog will continue until the middle of May. I have four shows between now and then. One new play, one old play, one opera, and one Shakespeare. I'm going to try to keep you updated with at least FO pics....
My latest FO - Migrations Scarf!

Look familiar? Well, it's because I've knit it again for Schaefer Yarn's. This time in Susan, in (I think) Elizabeth Blackwell colorway. I had to go the whole way down to size 4 needles, but it was worth it!

I also might finally have the gist of grafting "in pattern". What do you think?

The 100% cotton was a little slower in the knitting, since I had to take more breaks, well, and I was a little slower due to the pain meds from the oral surgery.

All in all, still a fun knit, and still addictive!


accountantgrrl said...

Seeing as though I can't tell where it was grafted, you gots some mad kitchna skillz, yo! ;-)

jennsquared said...

That looks awesome! I can't tell where you grafted at all! You'll have to show me what you did one of these days!